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BSCB Policies

Below are the BSCB policies, procedures and practice guidance documents, developed in accordance with the ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ National Guidance. These documents are listed in alphabetical order but if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the Board Administrators on 01296 383485.


Abuse of Disabled Children

Bullying (Guidance)

Child Abuse linked to Spirit Possession and Witchcraft (Guidance)

Child Death Overview Panel Procedures

Child Sexual Exploitation (Practice Guidance)

Children or unborn Children whose Parents or Carers have Mental Health Needs

Children & Families Living in Temporary Accommodation (Procedure)

Children Living Away From Home (Guidance)

Children of Substance Misusing Parents (Procedures)

Children Who Exhibit Problematic or Harmful Sexual Behaviour (Procedure)

Children Missing from Care Home and Education

Children with Families Whose Whereabouts are Unknown (Procedure)

Complex Abuse (Procedure)

Delayed Reporting – Historical Abuse (Procedure)

Domestic Abuse

Escalation, Challenge and Conflict Resolution between Practitioners or Agencies (Procedure)

Fabricated or Induced Illness (Procedure)

Family Group Conferences (Procedure)

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) – Guidance

Forced Marriage (Procedure)

High Risk, Harder To Reach Young People

Honour Based Violence (Procedure)

Individual Case Management

Male Circumcision (Guidance)

Managing Allegations against Staff & Volunteers Working with Children & Young People (Procedure)

Managing Individuals who pose a risk of harm to children

Migrant Children / Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

Missing Children (Joint Protocol)

Multi Agency Approach to Sharing of Different Risk Assessments (Protocol)

Pre Birth Procedures and Guidance

Rapid Response procedures

Responding to the Needs of Bereaved Children & Young People (Guidance & Protocol)

Safeguarding Children Affected by Gang Activity

Safeguarding Girls & Young Women at Risk of Abuse through Female Genital Mutilation (Procedure)

Self Harm (Guidance)

Serious Case Reviews (Procedure & Process)

Sexually Active Children and Young People (Guidance)

Strengthening Transitions Arrangements (Multi Agency Protocol)

Thresholds Document Sept 2015

Thresholds Guidance – Nov 2015

Trafficked & Exploited Children & Young People (Practice Guidance & Procedure)

What to Do if You Are Worried about Neglect (Guidance)


BSCB Strategies

Buckinghamshire Strategy for Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Communication and Participation Strategy

Buckinghamshire Early Help Strategy

E-safety Strategy

Buckinghamshire Strategy for Tackling Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Learning & Development Strategy

Neglect Strategy


Appendix B – Statutory Framework

Appendix C – Further sources of information

Appendix 2 – Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need

Appendix 3 – Acronyms