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Exploitation – R U Wise 2 It?

Some of the terrible things you might hear about on the internet or see on the TV that happen to young people happen because people use control and abuse trust in friendships and relationships, both online or in person.

Child Sexual Exploitation is a form of abuse in which young people are tricked or pressured into taking part in sexual activity in return for something – like attention, love, food, shelter, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, gifts or money.

Knowing the signs of sexual exploitation, for yourself, a friend, your own children or in your work will help you spot when something might be going wrong.

Be Wise: Click on the link most relevant to you below to find out what you need to know and where to get help


Children & Young People

 I am a young person


Parents & Carers

I am a parent or carer


Information for Professionals

I am a professional

Any young person could become a victim. Boys and Girls.