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Changes to the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board  

Why are we changing things?

Revisions to the Statutory Guidance, Working Together enabled us to change our LSCB. In addition the most recent Ofsted inspection of the Local Authority meant that we could not continue to run our LSCB in the same way. The changes agreed for Buckinghamshire will mean that we can focus on –

Shared priorities with other strategic partnerships, such as reducing the impact of domestic abuse, exploitation and neglect.

 A family based, integrated approach to business.

Evidencing the outcomes and impact of the new partnership arrangement, including strengthening and reviewing its scrutiny and assurance processes

What are we doing?

To comply with the new Statutory Working Together guidance, from September 2019, Local Safeguarding Children Boards will be replaced by new local safeguarding arrangements, led by three safeguarding partners. We are working on the transition to this new arrangement, and are required to publish the details of the changes by 29th June 2019.

Locally this will mean that we are making changes to the way the partnership is structured.  This includes introducing a new Executive Group, having fewer but more inclusive sub groups and introducing short term, outcome focused working groups where needed.  This will provide an effective safeguarding model with an efficient use of partners knowledge, skills and time.

To stay connected, we are also planning two safeguarding partnerships events per year. These events will ensure all partner agencies are kept up to date and offer opportunities for you to share your views and experiences on the impact that the safeguarding partnership is having in delivering against its key priorities.

What happens next?

We will agree our business plan by 31st March 2019

We will publish our new safeguarding partnership arrangement by 29th June 2019

We will publish the dates for multi-agency safeguarding training (Everyone’s Responsibility and Working Together) from April 2019 ( further details about our training offer will be in our published arrangements)

We will be inviting our Board and safeguarding partners to an event at the beginning of July to ensure we continue to share the details of the arrangement.

We will fully implement our arrangement by September 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jo Stephenson at jstephenson@buckscc.gov.uk or your current Safeguarding Board representative.